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Alternative Cancer Treatment Testimonies

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First, thank you for your assistance in my health issues. Secondly, I am pleased to recommend Keith and his services to anyone who needs health counseling, whether for an immediate health issue or to improve one’s health to avoid future health issues. Keith’s knowledge, compassion and dedication to his clients is refreshing and necessary for one’s improved health. I have utilized Keith’s services for a number of years and most recently for prostate cancer. Initially I had alternative treatments for this condition including hyperthermia at a clinic outside of the U.S. and high dose IV Vitamin C. Recently my PSA went up and Keith suggested a regime of nutritional supplements along with high dose IV Vitamin C, this treatment was dubbed nutritional chemo. After one month my PSA dropped and the IV C was cut back, after another month my PSA dropped again. I feel that these drops are largely attributed the supplement program Keith put me on. I would not hesitate to use Keith for any health challenge and to unequivocally recommend Keith and his staff and their services. I would be happy to talk to anyone who needs a direct reference.
Sincerely, Michael Garrett

Through my sister-in-law, a stage 1 ovarian cancer survivor, I was connected to a different, but phenomenal nutritionist in Oklahoma City-Keith Bishop. He recommended certain nutritional supplements which helped the effects of chemo, but he also did research to understand each and every drug I was placed on and provided additional recommendations for certain supplements that were shown to increase the effectiveness of those drugs. Keith taught me that cancer feeds off sugar and acid. He provided information as to which foods digest within the body as acid or alkaline- not always what you'd think. He provided pH strips to help me monitor the level of acid in my body through measuring my saliva and urine. During my chemo treatments. Keith had me track my food intake for a week. From that I learned a female my age needs 50 grams of protein a day (which I was not getting) and protein helps the liver to work better, to include getting rid of toxins within your body (i.e., chemotherapy drugs). Each time I entered a new phase of treatment. Keith tweaked my supplements. I know all of this helped. Tami Volk

Dear Keith, 
I just wanted to thank you for all your assistance in Harold's Health care. Since coming home from M.D. Anderson in April of 2004 with a very grim prognosis for Harold's colon cancer (22 month average lifespan], you have been a very integral and important part of Harold's care. Harold has done remarkable well with your help in testing and analyzing his needs for vitamin, mineral and other immune boosting supplements. I had researched everything I could on the internet to find treatment options other than the chemotherapy that he was going to take before someone referred us to you for help. Your knowledge and assistance in this effort has been invaluable to Harold and me. We have learned through you and our research the many things that affect the ability of your body to keep cancer from growing including adequate absorption of vitamins and minerals, your PH level, oxygen level of the cells and that cancer feeds from the sugar in your body. Without your knowledge, I would not have known the safe amounts of the varied supplements to give to Harold. The Doctors have never told us the things that every cancer patient needs to know to try to reverse those things that allowed the cancer to develop and grow . In my opinion, it is criminal that they don't do this and most likely don't know themselves. You are truly one of God's blessings to us and I am thankful to Him for guiding us to you for help. Your willingness to assist us in any way possible has helped us through one of the most difficult times of our life together and we extend to you our deepest gratitude.
With our most Sincere Thanks, Sonja Key

Dear Keith, 
I am very pleased to recommend you and your nutritional consultations to your current and future clients. As a cancer survivor, I have made every effort to educate myself on not only the treatments for removing cancer form the body but also preventing the cancer from developing through nutrition. The services you have provided to me have provern to be invaluable in improving my overall health. Through working with you, I have built up my immune system, lost body fat, and gained muscle mass while lovering my carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) level to 1.8- the lowest it has ever been since my initial diagnosis of colon cancer. I believe the nutritional advice and guidance you have provided has helped me. One aspect of your treatment I have found to be exemplary is your dedication to indentifying the needs of each client and customizing a nutrition program to meet that client's needs.  I feel you are not only knowledgeable about nutrition, but you also take the time to make your clients comfortable with the procedures and protocols you recommend. Your client-centered approach has helped me to understand and implement your recommendations. I am every happy you were recommended to me. I, in turn, am happy to recommend you to others who may be seeking to treat the causes of disease throught nutritional intervention.
Best regards, Jim Nisbett