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Copper Urine Test - Urine Heavy Metal Screening Test

Copper Urine Test - possitive to copper toxicityAre you toxic in cancer causing copper?

Assess, Don't Guess! 

Simple at home copper urine test.

The heavy metal testing will screen for mercury, lead, copper, zinc, cadmium and nickel.

Bonus Offer - Free Report
Purchase your Heavy Metal Test and receive the free report Lowering Heavy Metal Toxicity. Discover effective ways to lower your toxic heavy metal levels. I use this report for each of my clients that have high levels of toxic heavy metals.

Additional Heavy Metal Test Information:

Assess, Don't Guess!  Order your Heavy Metal Screening Urine Test.

1 Heavy Metal Screening Test $15.95 each     $15.95
2 Heavy Metal Screening Tests $14.95 each $29.90
3 Heavy Metal Screening Tests $13.95 each $41.85
4 Heavy Metal Screening Tests $12.95 each $51.80
5 Heavy Metal Screening Tests $11.95 each $59.75

In stock. Ready for immediate delivery.

The Heavy Metal Screening Test is shipped to continental USA
via USPS Priority mail. You typically will receive your
heavy metal testing kit in 3 to 5 business days.

Shipping cost is $6.95 per order. Save money by ordering 4 or 5 tests.

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Heavy Metal Screening Test

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