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Dairy Casein Increases Prostate Cancer Growth

Keith D. Bishop, Clinical Nutritionist, B.Sc. Pharmacy - 10/11/14

  • Alternative Prostate Cancer Treatment Research - Cow's milk casein promotes prostate cell growth 

Researchers placed cow's milk dairy casein into prostate cancer cells in a laboratory study. Casein increased the PC3 prostate cancer cell proliferation by 166%. Casein increased the proliferation of LNCaP prostate cancer cells by 142%.

The cow's milk dairy casein had no effect on normal prostate cells.

I recommend that my clients with prostate cancer avoid or severely limit the intake of dairy products.

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Reference Source:
The World Journal of Mens Health. 2014 Aug;32(2):76-82. A milk protein, casein, as a proliferation promoting factor in prostate cancer cells. Park SW, Kim JY, et al.


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