Successfully Integrating Alternative Cancer Treatment and Natural Cancer Treatment Strategies

Enhance Your Glioblastoma Radiation Treatment

Learn How to enhance your Glioblastoma Radiation / Brain Tumor Radiation treatment with strategies from medical research verified to improve radiation treatment and kill Glioblastoma cancer cells.

Enhance your Glioblastoma Radiation Treatment with natural products.Your Free Glioblastoma Radiation Special Report Includes...
  • Decreasing or stopping this common medication during Glioblastoma radiation treatment may enhance the effectiveness of both the radiation and Temodar® (Temozolomide) treatment. 
  • Find out how long it takes Temozolomide (Temodar®) to reach peak levels in the brain and the best time to take the oral chemotherapy to maximize the Glioblastoma radiation treatment. 
  • Adding this arthritis medication to your radiation treatment may enhance the effectiveness of your radiation treatment. Find out what to do if your doctor won't write a prescription for it. 
  • Radiation resistant Glioblastoma multiforme cells pre treated with the chemical from this popular drink became sensitive to radiation treatment. 
  • The chemical from a common beverage slows cancer cell growth. One capsule can be equal to a case of the beverage. 
  • This elevated body nutrient provides energy for brain cancer cell growth. Not Good! Find out how to avoid bad food choices. 
  • Why you should get a Pulse Ox Meter
     to monitor your oxygen level.
  • Thirty-one medical references for you and your doctor.

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Vitamin E supplements increase your risk of dying from glioblastoma by 54%!

Vitamin D supplements decrease your risk of dying from glioblastoma by 32%.

Learn what kills glioblastoma cancer cells.

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Glioblastoma Cancer and Copper

Yes, copper in your water and supplements may increase your risk of glioblastoma cancer!
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