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Coffee May Reduce Risk of Liver Cancer

Keith D. Bishop, Clinical Nutritionist, B.Sc. Pharmacy, Health Coach - June 10, 2009

  • Drinking coffee may reduce the risk of liver cancer regardless of hepatitis infection.

Liver Cancer Coffee: Coffee may reduce risk of liver cancerResearchers evaluated 18,814 subjects in a diet questionnaire and health checkup between 1993 and 2006. A total of 110 new cases of liver cancer were diagnosed in the study group during this time period. Increased coffee consumption was associated with a reduced risk of liver cancer in all subjects. A similar risk tendency was noted in subjects with either or both hepatitis C and hepatitis B. Green tea consumption had no association with liver cancer in all subjects.

Reference Source: Cancer Epidemiological Biomarkers and Prevention 2009;18(6):1746-53

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Previous fears of coffee’s carcinogenic effects now appear to be unfounded. Coffee may even protect against some types of cancer, Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s and some how decreases the damage of a heart attack. Just go easy on the creamer, milk, sugar and syrup flavorings while enjoying your cup of joe. Most of us don’t need the excess calories and bad fats.

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About the Author:

Keith D. Bishop, Clinical Nutritionist, B.Sc. Pharmacy helps his clients improve their health by using natural products, tests and self care. He writes special reports on natural product effects on cancer. You may schedule an appointment for customized recommendations by calling 405.919.1982. Click here to learn more about Alternative Cancer Treatment Appointments.


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