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Quercetin Appears to Decrease the Risk of Colon Cancer
Increased dietary intake of the flavonoid quercetin, found in onions and apples, appears to reduce the risk of developing colon cancer by 50 percent.

Natural Folate Decreases Colorectal Cancer Risks
Synthetic Folic Acid Increases Colorectal Cancer Risks

Increased intake of natural folate from the diet appears to decrease a woman’s risk of colorectal cancer by 64 per cent.

Vegetarians Less Likely to Develop Some but Not All Cancers
Researchers found that 33 out of 100 meat eaters will develop some form of cancer but only 29 out of 100 vegetarians. But continue to read the surprising twist about colon cancer prevention.

The Influence of Exercise, Red Meat and Alcohol on Colorectal Cancer
Recent research suggests you can reduce your risk of colorectal cancer ( colon cancer and rectal cancer ) by increasing exercise and decreasing red meat and alcohol.

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