Successfully Integrating Alternative Cancer Treatment and Natural Cancer Treatment Strategies

Alternative Cancer Treatment Appointments

Alternative Cancer Treatment Appointments are available to customize your natural cancer prevention or natural cancer treatment program and to answer specific questions.

Alternative Cancer Treatment AppointmentsConsultations are available by appointment. Call 405.919.1982 to schedule your appointment and to obtain health history and evaluation forms.

Alternative Cancer Treatment Appointment Fees:

  • 15 minutes: $30
  • 30 minutes: $60
  • 60 minutes: $120
  • 120 minutes: $240
  • or a fraction thereof

Download the following forms, complete them and return them via email to  or fax them toll free to 866-594-1901.

Natural Cancer Consultation Forms

Use PayPal to purchase a Alternative Cancer Treatment Appointment for yourself, a loved one or a friend.

Natural Care Consultation Appointment
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