Successfully Integrating Alternative Cancer Treatment and Natural Cancer Treatment Strategies

Enhance Your Brain Cancer Alternative Treatments

Learn how to Successfully improve your brain cancer alternative treatments with scientific medical research information about natural products proven to kill brain cancer cells.

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I know your questions:

  • Are ther natural products that can kill brain cancer tumor cells?
  • What natural products are the most effective against my brain cancer?
  • What proof is there that natural products work?
  • What are the best couple of supplements for my brain cancer?
  • Will my doctor approve my natural products?
  • What supplements increase my risk of death? 

I provide the answers to your brain cancer alternative treatments below!

I'm Clinical Nutritionist Keith Bishop, B.Sc. Pharmacy (retired pharmacist). I realized that medications were only treating symptoms and not getting to the source or causes of illness and retired from traditional pharmacy in 1998 to start my clinical nutrition private practice. I have a private practice inside a compounding pharmacy in Oklahoma City.

I provide the proof for you and your doctors: I do exhaustive research into alternative brain cancer treatment options. I read the medical and research journals to see what the best minds in health think about natural cancer treatments. The results will surprise you! These health journals demonstrate that certain natural products have a dramatic impact on brain cancer tumor cells.

I found the powerful natural products that alternative cancer treatment doctors, research universities, hospitals and drug companies are studying and using to successfully kill brain cancer cells.


Email me the Glioblastoma Brain Cancer Alternative Treatment Strategy Report

I only recommend natural products to my family, friends and clients that have scientific medical research supporting their use!

The following link allows you to download a PDF report that helps you make food and lifestyle changes that helps keep your Glioblastoma brain cancer cells from growing.

Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) Diet & Lifestyle Special Report  

Brain Cancer and Copper

Yes, copper in your water and supplements may increase your risk of brain cancer.
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Glioblastoma multiforme Natural and Alternative Research News

Brain cancer alternative treatments and natural reports ; permission of use through Wikipedia and GNU Free Documentation License

Lead Exposure Increases the Risk of Adult Brain Tumor
Lead exposure and the resulting free radical oxidative damage increase the risk of Glioblastoma multiforme brain tumor and meningioma brain tumor.

Glioblastoma multiforme and Brain Cancer Information from the American Cancer Society
Learn about Brain Cancers / CNS Tumors in Adults, risk factors, prevention, treatment, and more. You can also read stories of hope from people whose lives have been touched by cancer.

American Brain Tumor Association
These articles explain what Glioblastoma multiforme is, how it is treated, options in treating this type of tumor, and support resources for both the patient and the family.

The following Comprehensive Brain Cancer Alternative Treatment Protocols are based on my exhaustive review of scientific research published in medical, hospital, university and cancer journals. The medical journals your doctors read or should be reading.

Brain Cancer Alternative Treatments Special Reports

Natural Cancer Report: How to Reduce Inflammation Stimulated Growth of Glioblastoma Multiforme Tumor Cells

Natural Cancer Report: How to Enhance Glioblastoma Radiation Treatment

Natural Cancer Report: How to Enhance Bevacizumab Avastin Glioblastoma Treatment

How to Lower Your Glioblastoma Risk Factors
Sugars, starches, fructose and glucose feed Glioblastoma brain cancer cells. The following food lists limit sugar and glucose intake which will feed Glioblastoma cancer cells.

FREE Natural Cancer Report: Ketogenic Diet

FREE Natural Cancer Report: Ketogenic Food List

FREE Natural Cancer Report: Glycemic Index Food List


Do not rely upon so called natural cures for brain cancer to treat
your brain tumor!

Ask for scientific medical research journal proof that the product works on  your brain cancer.

Glioblastoma Multiforme is an extremely aggressive, fast growing brain cancer. I believe it is best to integrate natural Glioblastoma brain cancer alternative treatments with traditional surgery, Temodar and radiation for enhanced outcomes.

Surgery will debulk or remove most of the brain tumor. Radiation will help kill more of the cancer cells. Temodar will help kill even more of the stubborn cancer cells. Natural treatments can enhance the outcome of each traditional phase of Glioblastoma brain cancer treatment. Links to research based reports supporting this statement can be found below.

Your Glioblastoma treatment program and medications may be different. Purchase and print off the following reports and give them to your doctors before integrating natural products.

Each person, liver function, metabolism, cancer, medications and Glioblastoma brain cancer treatment program is unique. Do not apply the following brain cancer natural treatment information without monitoring and approval of your doctor. As you will see, some of the following supplements are herbs that have medication type functions in your body.

I’m available to customize your Glioblastoma Alternative Treatment Protocol. Please call my office at 405-919-1982 to schedule an appointment and obtain your Natural Cancer Care Client Information forms. Complete the forms and return them to my office via fax, email or mail. Additional information is available on the page Natural Cancer Consultations.

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